How to Fix College Football’s Postseason

Grant you, my idea cannot be completely mine alone. Someone else has had to of thought of this before me, so I am not claiming this as my own.

That being said, I believe this is the best way to fix the BcS, where we have no question who the football teams playing for the title, while keeping the integrity of the Bowl system intact.

My idea begins with a reformatting of the Bowls. First, only teams with 6-6 record granted a bowl, are from non-AQ conferences, and when other teams from the conferences granted bowls they are granted access to by the governing bodies (Gator Bowl now SEC-Big Ten).

Secondly, teams for the Automatic-Qualifying conferences, that win their respected conferences receive a seed between 1-14, based on record, and AP poll ranking. The final eight seeds are then the rest of the top 14.

Higher-end Bowls that are non-BcS Bowls are then played out with the top two seeds receiving byes.

Third Ranked team plays 14th ranked team, and so on. I will use this year’s post-season as a guide.

When applicable, the same teams will play in their respective bowl games, for example, ACC teams will play in bowls they are assigned to, but the following, is the breakdown seeding list;

AQ Champs


SEC-Auburn 1

PAC 10-Oregon 2

BIG 10-Wisconsin 4

BIG 12-Oklahoma 9

Big East-UConn 12

Non-AQ, and the rest of the AP top 14


Stanford 5

Ohio St 6

Boise St 10

Mich St 7

Arkansas 8

LSU 13

Nevada 14

These teams will play in the listed Bowls with projected winners, so as to show the entire outcome;

Sun Bowl-Stanford v UConn Winner-Stanford 3 seed

Chic-Fil-A Bowl-Ohio St v VT Winner-OSU 6 seed

(Unnamed)-TCU v Nevada Winner-TCU 3 seed

Outback Bowl-Wisconsin v LSU Winner-LSU 13 seed

Liberty Bowl-Mich St v Boise St Winner-Boise St 10 seed

Gator Bowl-Arkansas v Oklahoma Winner-Arkansas 8 seed

Capital One #1 v lowest Auburn v LSU Winner-Auburn

Cotton #2 v 2nd- Oregon v Boise St Winner-Oregon

Fiesta 3rd+ v 3rd- TCU v Arkansas Winner-TCU

Orange 4th+ v 4th- Stanford v OSU Winner-OSU

Rose-highest seed v lowest Auburn v OSU Winner-Auburn

Sugar-second+ v second- Oregon v TCU Winner-Oregon

With whoever winning these games having two weeks off to prepare for the National Championship Game.

The before listed Bowl games were played by different teams, and so, those teams still eligible for Bowls will play in the following bowls;

BBVA Bowl-UCF v Miss St

Ticket City Bowl-Penn State v Texas A&M

Meineke Car Care Bowl Notre Dame v Miami

Music City Bowl-Florida State v South Carolina

Independence Bowl-Air Force v Boston College

Teams OUT of Bowl Contention are as follows;

University of Kentucky, Pittsburgh, University of North Carolina, Tennessee, Clemson, University of South Florida, Texas Tech, Northwestern, Georgia, Michigan, Georgia Tech.

Florida would play Utah in the MAACO Bowl.

This is the only way I see to fix the issues we have with the College Bowl System, with the least amount of changes to the current system, adding only one week, which could actually be done by starting the season one week earlier.

This system too has its flaws, yet they are very few compared to what we currently play under.

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